Snail Mucin extract is believed to be one of nature’s miracles; in fact, the prized active principles it contains are found to be amazingly effective in terms of:

- Reducing lines and wrinkles
- Helping scars to heal
- Softening the marks left by acne scars
- Fading skin blemishes


Snail mucin contains extremely high concentrations of beneficial natural substances bestowing regeneration, smoothing, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can render the skin elastic, compact and luminous.
- Allantoin
- Elastin
- Collagen
- Vitamins (A-C-E-)
- Glycolic Acid

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No snails are harmed in any way during the gentle mucin collection procedures since the mucus, which is produced naturally and continuously, is collected in a passive manner without disturbing the snails, and is subsequently purified for cosmetic purposes.

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